We're not like every other skate sharpening company that just sharpens your skates as quickly as possible, regardless of quality, and sends you back out on the ice. Instead, our team puts time and care into a perfectly sharpened skate, so you can practice, play, and improve in the most effective way. With the help of our expert sharpeners, every skater, from beginner to professionals, can perform at their peak!

Jesse, the owner, and his three sons

Jesse Parker, founder and owner of Hockeystop, with his three sons


With three boys in hockey, it was impossible to find the combination of great quality and great service for skate sharpening. It was always frustrating trying to find someone that actually knew what they were doing. The most important piece of equipment for a hockey player is the skate and how it performs on the ice. Performance is greatly increased by high quality skate sharpening. The $300 stick in the player's hand really doesn't matter if the player can't stay up on the ice. This is the single purpose for HockeyStop: to provide elite skate sharpening with exceptional customer care and exceptional customer service

We will not sacrifice quality for time. Sometimes we get asked why the wait is so long for skates to get sharpened. The answer is simple: we sharpen a lot of skates, and our customers expect the best. You can always find a place that can get them done while you wait, this should actually be a warning sign. We always use the analogy of going to a restaurant on a Friday night at 7pm, if there is nobody in the restaurant, and there isn't a wait, there is a reason. 

2020 is our 4th year of operation and we are so thankful for our customers! We will do everything we can to support our youth hockey communities while providing the best quality and the best service in skate sharpening!

Clark Image

WHY Clark? 

Clark has been in the hockey industry for over 30 years. He has provided Elite Skate Sharpening for Westwood Sports, Gold Medal, SportsWorld, and now HockeyStop. He is the equipment manager and sharpening specialist for the Minnesota White Caps and the China Olympic Development Team. He will always tell you what you or your player needs when it comes to skates, profiling, and sharpening, whether you like it or not!

Clark is a co-owner of HockeyStop and will do whatever it takes to make sure you and/or your player have the best possible skates, customized and optimized, to maximize performance!

HockeyStop trophy award for the 2019 Best in Chanhassen Award for Best Skate Sharpening

HockeyStop wins 2019 Best in Chanhassen Award for Best Skate Sharpening Service in Chanhassen


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